2017 Courses of Instruction


  • October 23-26, 2017 - CANCELLED

Instructor Wade Rorich

Hosted by M.S.H.P – Jefferson City, MO

Weapon handling skills are perishable and should be maintained on a regular basis, especially while working in a tactical profession. Our goal is to equip the operator with various concepts and drills to prepare them for extreme situations.

Whether you are working patrol, on a tactical team, or in the executive protection industry, this course will challenge students to shoot beyond the standard requirements of your common static shooting line.  Students will be subjected to reactive type exercises including observation and memory drills during live fire exercises.

We will focus on shooting accuracy and follow through by implementing various ways of trigger reset, a unique technique different from the standard training taught in departments and academies.  This is a 95% hands on course which requires students to be on their feet for the majority of the training days.

Instructors are required to obtain a 90% qualification score in both marksmanship and practical testing to obtain an instructor certification.

This course requires officers to train with their daily patrol or tactical gear on (duty gear only, not patrol uniforms) which will demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of your equipment during some of the drills.

Course outline with performance objectives:

Range safety rules and commands

Combat mindset / Coaching

Pre-test – Qualification shoot

Pistol handling: Proper equipment placement, stance, sight alignment, shot placement, 3 options for trigger reset, various shooting positions, various distance shooting, bilateral shooting, various reloading options and cover drills, malfunction drills, shooting on the move, shooting from behind cover, obstacle shooting including barricades, partners.

Shooting with gas masks, shields – optional if officers have them available. 

Edged weapon shooting drills

Basic low light shooting – night time shooting drills

Memory drills Team movements and formations

Cornering and entry shooting

Post-test – Qualification Drills

Teach backs

Equipment Required:

Please check the training website for an equipment checklist or one will be emailed to you after registering for the course.

Duration: 4 Days Instructors Course

Location: M.S.H.P. Headquarters, Jefferson City, MO

Tuition: $695 (Checks / Visa / Master card payments accepted for bookings)

On site accommodation and meals: Lodging - $37.00 per day

Meals - $18.00 per day (3 meals per day)

Registration: To register, contact Jenifer at admin@bushidotactical.com

Missouri State Highway Patrol contact is Brandon White at 573-751-9945 for additional inquires and accommodation questions.