2018 Courses of Instruction


  • July 9-11, 2018


Course Description: The ballistic shield can be considered a dynamic, portable ballistic corner that can be placed anywhere between the threat and law enforcement personnel, thus allowing the “good guys” to safely maneuver into a position of advantage to negate the threat(s). The bunker has traditionally been taught to be deployed in a slow, thorough and methodical, defensive tempo. This course was designed to avoid any form of a defensive mindset. It has been constructed with the primary focus on the offensive capabilities of the ballistic shield. The attendee will learn to effectively and efficiently deploy ballistic shields to distract, isolate, and ultimately neutralize any type of threat. This is by far the most cutting-edge and reality-based proven instruction regarding ballistic shield deployments

Lead Instructor, Peter D. Segreti recently retired from the New York Police Department (NYPD) with twenty-eight (28) years of service. In 1996, he was assigned to the famed Emergency Service Unit (ESU), Truck Three (Bronx), conducting high-risk special operations as an entry team member, breacher, shield operator, and sniper. During his sixteen (16) year tenure with ESU, Peter was selected to become a primary instructor for the unit. He served in that position for eleven (11) years, designing and developing a myriad of training programs for ESU and other specialized units of the NYPD covering all aspects of tactical deployments and sniper applications. Peter has extensive deployment experience from conducting thousands of actual operations with ESU. His approach to ballistic shield instruction is simple, effective, and grounded in reality-based applications.


  • $650 per attendee (checks/Visa/Master card payments accepted for bookings)
  • Meals are available at the Missouri State Highway Patrol Training Academy for $6.00 per meal.
  • Area hotels available
  • Baymont Inn & Suites - 573-636-5231
  • Capitol Plaza Hotel - 573-638-2309
  • Days Inn - 573-761-3600

Equipment list:

  • The following is a list of equipment for the course attendees:
    ✓ Notebook and pen/pencil (that can be carried at all times)
    ✓ Ballistic vest (tactical or plate carrier)
    ✓ Ballistic helmet
    ✓ Duty belt or thigh rig
    ✓ Department issued pistol
    ✓ Weapon-mounted light for pistol
    ✓ A chamber safety flag of some sort for the pistol or simulated pistol (i.e. Blue Gun)*
    ✓ A minimum of three (3) high capacity magazines for the pistol
    ✓ Carry system for the magazines
    ✓ Two hundred and fifty (250) rounds of pistol ammunition
    ✓ Department issued shoulder-mounted weapon (i.e. MP5, M4, etc.)
    ✓ Weapon-mounted light for shoulder-mounted weapon
    ✓ A chamber safety flag of some sort for the shoulder-mounted weapon or simulated weapon (i.e. Blue Gun)*
    ✓ A minimum of three (3) high capacity magazines for the shoulder-mounted weapon
    ✓ Carry system for the magazines
    ✓ Two hundred and fifty (250) rounds of shoulder-mounted weapon ammunition
    ✓ Ballistic shield, hand-held, Level IIIA minimum*
    ✓ Eye and ear protection
    ✓ Gloves
    ✓ Knee pads
    ✓ Any other personal gear needed
    *Note: There will be some additional simulated firearms (i.e. Blue guns) and ballistic shields available for use by the participants, which will be provided by PDS Tactical LLC.
    For the force-on-force training evolutions, PDS Tactical LLC will provide Smith & Wesson M&P full size Airsoft pistols. If the attendee, or his/her department possesses a high-quality Airsoft pistol, then the attendee will be allowed to utilize the Airsoft pistol upon inspection by the PDS Tactical LLC staff. When utilizing high-quality Airsoft pistols, PDS Tactical LLC requires eye protection that wraps around the eyes and provides a constant seal around the eyes (i.e. ski goggles, Bolle goggles, etc.)
    ✓ High-quality Airsoft pistol
    ✓ One hundred (100) rounds of Airsoft pellets
    ✓ Force-on-force safety gear (i.e. eye protection)
    ✓ Optional force-on-force safety gear (i.e. head, face, neck, and groin)

To Register:

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  • Sergeant Brandon White
  • 573-751-9945 or brandon.white@mshp.dps.mo.gov