Request for Accident Reports

Missouri State Highway Patrol - Troop H

Request for Accident Report

Date of Request: _________________________

Accident Complaint/Incident number (if known): ________________________________

Name of driver or vehicle owner: ____________________________________________

Accident location (include county & roadway name): ______________________________

Name of requesting party: __________________________________________________

Address of requesting party: _________________________________________________



       (City)                                                     (State)                               (Zip Code)

Requesting Agency Claim/File/Case Number: _____________________________

Telephone Number of Requesting Party: (        ) - __________

Reason for request (request all that apply):

__Involved in Crash                                                                      __Family member of person involved

__Owner of vehicle involved in crash                                            __News Media Representative

__Insurance Co. Representative of person involved                     __Attorney

__Physician of person involved                                                     __Other (explain):_______________

__Member of street department of involved jurisdiction                                                    

Please indicate the number of copies requested (price is per item):

__Traffic Crash Report - $3.75 per report

__Notary Certificate (affidavit) of Traffic Crash Report - $2.00 per certification

(certification fee is in addition to the above fee for accident report and must be obtained from:

DPS-Missouri State Highway Patrol, Traffic Records Division, Post Office Box 568,

Jefferson City, Missouri, 65102.

Mail completed form with your payment to:

Missouri State Highway Patrol
3525 N. Belt Hwy.
St. Joseph, MO. 64506-1370


Accident reports are normally available at Troop H Headquarters within 7-10 business days following an accident. If you wish to acquire an accident report in person, we recommend that you check on a report's availability before arriving at troop headquarters. To check on availability call troop headquarters at (816)-387-2345. Reports CANNOT be faxed or e-mailed.


The cost of a patrol investigated traffic crash report is $3.75. Payment can ONLY be made by check or money order (no cash), and must be made payable to: DPS - Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Additional information on costs and services: Traffic Records Division Home Page