Buoy Guideline FAQ's

Q: Why are these changes made? A:
• Minimize the number of no wake, idle speed buoys to the actual number needed to help boaters recognize the distance boats must stay from docks above idle speed, without causing unnecessary confusion.
• To assist the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Water Patrol Division in better managing permitted buoys.
• Non-compliance by buoy permit holders is a common problem.
Q: What significant changes to the buoy guidelines have been recommended? A:
• Applications must be submitted forty-five (45) days prior to the hearing date instead of thirty (30) days.
• The applicant must submit a plot map which indicates property owners in the area. The plot map may be combined with the traditional diagram that has always been required by applicants.
• Docks within three hundred (300 ') feet of the applicant's dock must now be indicated on the diagram. The previous requirement was two hundred (200 ') feet.
• Generally speaking, if another dock owner has a valid buoy permit within three hundred (300 ') feet of the applicant's dock, the application will be denied.
• Permitted buoys must have the permit number displayed with a minimum one (1 ") inch block style black numbers located within three (3 ") inches of the top of the buoy (visible from the side). The permit number must be maintained in a legible manner.
• Buoy permits previously issued to private non-marina docks will not be transferrable upon a change of ownership to the property. New property owners must apply for a new permit under the recommended guidelines.
Permitted buoys are required to be placed and maintained from April 1st to October 1st of each year. The original guidelines only required this from May 1st to Labor Day.
• Permitted buoys may be left in the water year round, as long as the buoy is maintained in compliance with the permit.
Q: Have the buoy guidelines for no wake, idle speed coves changed? A:
• No
Q: What are the buoy hearing dates? A:
• For hearing dates please see the "Buoy Application Deadlines and Hearing Dates" page.
Q: What alternative is available if my dock does not meet the guidelines to receive a no-wake buoy permit? A:
• A sign may be purchased from a local participating sign manufacturer which will help remind boaters of the one hundred (100 ') foot law. A sample of the sign is available on the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Water Patrol Division's website at http://www.mshp.dps.missouri.gov/MSHPWeb/WaterPatrol/index.html. The Missouri State Highway Patrol, Water Patrol Division's logo may only be used by sign manufacturers, or dock owners, if the sign meets the specifications provided.
• Sign manufacturers wishing to participate, may request the Missouri State Highway Patrol logo by sending an email request to: buoys@mshp.dps.mo.gov..
Q: What are the consequences for failing to maintain a buoy as specified in the permit? A:
• Revocation of the permit if the buoy is not brought into compliance within twenty-one (21) days of receiving written notification of the discrepancy. Failure to receive written notice due to an unreported address change will not stop the revocation process.
Q: What are the consequences for knowingly placing a non-permitted buoy on the waters of this state A:
• According to Missouri Revised Statute 306.124, the violator would be guilty of a Class B Misdemeanor.