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Miller County Total Active Missing


Rec# Photo Name    Gender       Race    Missing Since Date of Birth Investigating Agency Missing From Type Poster
1 BOWERS BOWERS, DAVID MICHAEL J Male White 09/12/2021 02/12/2003 Miller CO SO Tuscumbia Tuscumbia, MO ADULT View Poster
2 BRUMLEY BRUMLEY, GARY L Male White 12/16/1984 09/28/1947 Eldon PD Eldon, MO ADULT View Poster
3 CALHOUN CALHOUN, KEVIN ERIC Male White 11/08/2018 02/18/1959 Eldon PD Eldon, MO ADULT
4 FENNELL FENNELL, MICHELLE LEE Female White 11/11/2017 02/15/1972 Miller County Central Comm Tuscumbia, MO ADULT View Poster
5 FERGUSON FERGUSON, KATELYN Female White 09/23/2021 03/14/2004 Eldon PD Eldon, MO JUVENILE No Poster Available
6 PEARSON PEARSON, JOSHUA J Male White 02/15/2020 09/16/1974 Lake Ozark PD Lake Ozark , MO ADULT
7 ROTHGANGER ROTHGANGER, TAMMY S Female White 05/16/1984 08/10/1968 Eldon PD Eldon, MO JUVENILE View Poster