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The Missouri State Highway Patrol is not the originating source of the information contained on this webpage. The information is derived the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) via the investigating agency and is added to the webpage on a case-by-case basis. For further information regarding an unidentified person, please contact the investigating agency.

St. Louis City County Active Unidentified Search Results

Rec# Photo NCIC Investigating Agency Location Found Tattoos Piercing County Date Body Found Estimated Age Estimated Year(s) of Birth Estimated Date of Death Sex Race Hair Eyes Weight Height Poster
1 U870022444 ST LOUIS METROPOLITAN POLICE Mississippi River - St. Louis, Missouri Unknown Unknown ST. LOUIS CITY 20090615 06/15/2009 26-46 1963-1983 2009-06-15 Male White UNK, COMPLETELY BALD UNKNOWN 130 - 140 lbs 5' 06" - 5' 06" No Poster Available
2 U850020220 ST LOUIS METROPOLITAN POLICE Mississippi River - St. Louis, Missouri Unknown Unknown ST. LOUIS CITY 20070613 06/13/2007 Unknown Unknown UNKNOWN Male Black BLACK UNKNOWN 130 - 170 lbs 5' 10" - 5' 10" View Poster
3 U810004706 ST. LOUIS PD-HOMICIDE ARSON St. Louis, Missouri No No ST. LOUIS CITY 19920307 03/07/1992 15-35 1957-1977 1992-01-01 Male White BLOND OR STRAWBERRY UNKNOWN 145 - 145 lbs 5' 08" - 5' 08" View Poster
4 U278525068 ST LOUIS METROPOLITAN POLICE Mississippi River - St. Louis Unknown Unknown ST. LOUIS CITY 19870421 04/21/1987 25-35 1952-1962 1987-04-15 Male Black BLACK UNKNOWN 190 - 200 lbs 5' 11" - 6' 01" View Poster
5 U470002710 ST LOUIS METROPOLITAN POLICE Abandoned building - St. Louis, MO Unknown Unknown ST. LOUIS CITY 19830228 02/28/1983 8-11 1972-1975 1983-02-23 Female Unknown UNK, COMPLETELY BALD UNKNOWN 70 - 80 lbs 5' 04" - 5' 04" View Poster