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Compendium Crash PTS Crash Mapping Static Crashes Traffic Crashes

Traffic Safety Compendium: A compilation of year end traffic statistics.

Crash Characteristics Summary Reports: Statistical analysis describing various crash and driver characteristics.

Police Traffic Safety Reports: Statistical analysis describing three-year trends of specific crash characteristics.

Traffic Crashes Online Mapping: A mapping tool that returns a map and data results based on chosen parameters.

Static MSHP Crash Reports: A set of reports that rank total, fatal, and disabling injury crashes by their frequency of occurrence in counties and cities.

Online Traffic Crash Reports: A search tool to identify persons involved in crashes that occurs in the past 29 days.


The statistical analysis reports provided by this website are dynamic in nature and run against production data that are continually updated or modified. For this reason, statistics may change with time and care is warranted when comparing statistics on reports run at different dates and times.

The source of analytical data is the Missouri Statewide Traffic Accident Records System (STARS) managed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. All Missouri law enforcement agencies are required by law (RSMO 43.250) to submit a Missouri Uniform Traffic Crash Report (MUCR) to STARS if a traffic crash involves a death, a personal injury, total property damage to an apparent extent of five hundred dollars or more to one person, or other written MUCR's as a result of an investigation. It should be noted that although reports that did not occur on public roadways are maintained in STARS, these crashes are not included in statistical analyses provided here. Crashes involving less than five hundred dollars to one person may be included here if they were reported to STARS.

Statistical analyses provided by this website are based only on MUCR's that have been fully reviewed and approved by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Patrol Records Division. Typically crash data are available for analysis within a week; however some crash investigations may require much longer periods of time before data are available for analyses.

STARS data from 2002 to year-to-date utilized for these statistical analyses are based on two versions of the MUCR: 2002 to 2011, 2012 to year-to-date. Because conversions of 2002 - 2011 data were completed to allow statistical analyses for the entire time frame, caution should be used when comparing analytical results to original MUCR data.