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SAC Current Projects

Crime in Missouri

The SAC along with members from Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) within the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) produce the annual Crime in Missouri Report. This report consists of the number of crimes and arrests that occur in the state of Missouri based on the Federal Bureau Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

Traffic Safety Compendium

The Traffic Safety Compendium is an annual report developed by members of the SAC with technical assistance provided by CJISD that provides members of the public with a variety of crash statistics.

Justice Assistance Grant Program Support

The Missouri Department of Public Safety (DPS), Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Program, provides Bureau of Justice Assistance JAG Program financial assistance to projects statewide that support drug enforcement and other law enforcement efforts, domestic violence and child abuse investigations, criminal records and technology improvement, and data analysis. The SAC assists the Missouri DPS with its administration of grants by providing analytical support and program evaluation. It produces an annual report describing all approved research designs and reports of success for funded programs within the State as well as designs, implements, and maintains a business systems repository for Missouri illicit drug, violent crime, and criminal justice data for this project. Click here for additional information.

Statewide Traffic Crash Report System Analytical Reports

The SAC maintains a series of online analyses of the Missouri Statewide Traffic Accident Record System (STARS) that describe crash and driver characteristics, crash circumstances, and crash locations. An interactive mapping application visually displays crashes selected by various criteria. Click here for additional information.

Crime Victimization Survey

The SAC partnered with the University of Missouri to conduct the state’s first crime victimization survey. The state of Missouri offers a unique location for conducting a survey; with a broad range of diverse cultures, political ideologies and a variety of geographic subdivisions. Past research indicates that victims do not report all crimes for a variety of reasons. This survey hopes to provide insights on why victims do not report crimes. This survey is fully funded through a grant awarded by the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics. The SAC plans to publish the results of this survey in the Fall of 2017.

Domestic Violence Study

Thanks to a grant through the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics, the SAC along with a team of researchers from Missouri State University are conducting a research project on domestic violence in the state of Missouri. Offenders who repeatedly commit domestic violence are a particular concern. The goal of this project is to assist law enforcement officials and policymakers by providing the factors surrounding domestic violence recidivism. Knowing these factors may assist local officials with deciphering whether certain policies targeted at curbing domestic violence incidents will work in their community. The SAC plans to publish this report in the Fall of 2017.