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Aggressive Driving: Any driver of a motorized vehicle who has one or more of the following contributing circumstances: exceeding the speed limit, driving too fast for conditions, improper passing, violating a signal or sign, following too closely, improperly using a signal, improper lane usage or lane change, and failing to yield.

Commercial Motor Vehicle: Commercial motor vehicles include trucks having 6 or more tires on the power unit, buses having occupant capacities of 16 or more, and vehicles displaying hazardous material placards.

Construction/Work Zone: An area of a traffic-way where construction, maintenance, or utility work activities are identified by warning signs, signals, or indicators including those on transport devices that mark the beginning and the end of a construction, maintenance, or utility work activity. A work zone extends from the first warning signal, sign, or flashing lights to the "End Road Work" sign or the last traffic control device pertinent for that work activity. Work zones also include roadway sections where there is ongoing, moving work activity such as lane line painting or marking or roadside mowing only if the beginning of the ongoing, moving work activity is designated by warning signs or signals.

Emergency Service Vehicle: Vehicles assigned to law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and ambulance service agencies. Additionally, vehicles operated by other agencies, such as public utilities and public service corporations, are considered emergency vehicles but only when they are actually performing emergency services.

Fatal Traffic Crash: A crash in which one or more persons were killed as a result of the crash and their death(s) occurred within 30 days of the incident.

Fixed Object: Any object not in motion and attached to or part of the terrain.

Older Driver: A driver of a motorized vehicle 55 years or older.

Personal Injury Traffic Crash: Any crash in which no person was killed but one or more persons were injured in the incident.

Property Damage Traffic Crash: Any crash in which no person was killed or injured but property was damaged in the incident.

Vehicles Requiring Restraint Usage: Regular passenger car, SUV, passenger van with less than nine passengers, small bus with nine to 15 passengers, motor home, pickup trucks, and limousines.

Vehicles Not Requiring Restraint Usage: Semi-truck, passenger van with nine or more passengers, cargo vans, large bus with 16 or more passengers, farm implements, and construction equipment/heavy machinery.

School Bus: Any motor vehicle used for transporting school pupils at or below the 12th grade to or from a public or private school, school-related activity, going to pick up or returning from delivering school pupils, and only if it is externally identifiable by the following characteristics: (1) yellow in color, (2) the words "school bus" on the front and rear, (3) equipped with flashing red lights on the front and rear, and lettering on both sides identifying the school or district served or company operating the bus.

Speed Involved: Any crash where a contributing circumstance was either exceeding the speed limit or going too fast for conditions. Too fast for conditions indicates a vehicle's speed was too fast for conditions at the time of the crash which includes road, weather, and other conditions.

Young Driver: A driver of a motorized vehicle under the age of 21.