This Week's Safety Tip

Don’t let a couple of nice days fool you. That water is still cold and hypothermia is a greater risk because of it. Water causes the body to lose heat 25 times faster than air. Boaters are urged to have an extra set of dry clothes in a waterproof container. A lifejacket becomes even more important in cold water because shock and hypothermia quickly rob the body of the ability to perform the most basic tasks. Be a smart boater. Always wear a lifejacket.

Current News Articles

  • Motorcycle and Scooter Season is Approaching
  • With the mild winter weather Missouri has experienced this year the motorcycle riding season has never really ended. The outlook for gas prices this year also makes the economy of the motorcycle even more enticing. If you own a motorcycle or are contemplating the purchase of one, please keep your safety and the laws pertaining to the operation of motorcycles in mind.
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  • Patrol Offers Traffic Crash Mapping
  • The Missouri State Highway Patrol is pleased to offer a new mapping application to its traffic crash records! To see a Missouri map showing where traffic crashes have occurred, click on "Traffic Crash Maps". The next window offers menus to select from -- including date/time intervals and type of map. Select one of the options provided for each box and choose "Submit". For best results, enter a specific troop, county, or city in the search field. Users can search also by "contributing circumstances", such as alcohol/drug, speed exceeded limit, or following too close. To use this function, after choosing "Submit", select "Vehicle" from the bottom of the blue box on the right side of the page. Then, use the pull-down menu to choose a contributing circumstance. Users can use geographic information system tools, such as zoom, identify, and pan. There is also a print function available. Questions concerning the mapping feature should be directed to the Patrol Records Division at (573) 526-6113.
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