Emergency Missing Alerts

Current active Emergency Missing Persons Alert(s) in Missouri:


Endangered Person Advisory
Kansas City Police Department
Missing: Lisa Irwin, Age 1

Lisa Irwin 1

Age Progressed to 3 years old:

Lisa Irwin 2

Missouri State Highway Patrol
A division of the Department of Public Safety

For further information please contact:
Kansas City Police Department
Phone: (816) 474-8477

When: 10/04/2011

EMPHASIS: Endangered Person Advisory Alert
State of Missouri Endangered Person Advisory

The Kansas City, MO PD has issued an Endangered Person Advisory for a missing person incident that occurred at 3620 North Lister, Kansas City, MO at 7:09 AM on 10-04-11.

The Endangered Missing Person Is:

Lisa Irwin, is a white, female, age 10 months, height 30 inches, 26-30 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, light complexion, with birthmark on right upper thigh, wearing purple shirt with white kittens and purple shorts. Brief circumstances regarding the Endangered Missing Person incident (Include pertinent medical, mental, or other well being information) Mother put the infant in her crib on 10-3-11 at 10:30 PM. Infant was checked on at 4:00 AM on 10-4-11 and she was missing. Anyone seeing the missing person, suspect, associate, or vehicle, or anyone having any information related to the endangered missing person should immediately dial 911 to contact the nearest law enforcement agency or call the Kansas City Police Department at 816-474-8477.