2019 Courses of Instruction


  • August 19-23, 2019

Prerequisite: Basic computer skills

Course Description:This intense, hands-on course is designed to develop both the technical skills required to become a police instructor and the confidence needed to properly instruct a class.  This course is certified by POST.

The course objectives of this one-week school are:

  • Assist police instructors in understanding and improving their use of techniques and methods of effective instruction;
  • Create an awareness and appreciation of the role of police instructors and enable students to recognize the factors which influence learning;
  • Develop the instructor's skill in communicating with students;
  • Increase the police instructor's efficiency by providing them with knowledge which will enable them to research a subject, define the objectives, organize lessons while selecting the proper methods for presentation, and develop skills in presenting a topic before a class;
  • Develop an ability to construct tests that are both valid and reliable in evaluating student progress.

Who Should Attend: This course is designed for, but not limited to, instructors who do not already have extensive classroom experience.  Part-time and full-time instructors will gain knowledge and confidence from the course.  Each student will present several short (one- to ten-minute) lessons and a one-hour lesson to fellow classmates and instructors.  Students are encouraged to bring laptop computers if they have one available.

Tuition/Registration Fees: Registration fees are due by the first day of class.  If fees are not paid in full prior to completion of class, certificates and continuing education hours will not be issued unless payment is received.


  • $850 - tuition, meals and lodging
  • $480 - tuition and meals

Continuing Education Hours:

  • 19 hours of Skill Development
  • 15 hours of Technical Studies
  • 4 hours of Interpersonal Perspectives
  • 2 hours of Legal Studies

Mineral Area College Credit:

  • 2 hours
  • Sergeant Brandon White
  • 573-751-9945 or brandon.white@mshp.dps.mo.gov
For questions concerning enrollment:
  • Jeanette Ford
  • 573-751-3626 or jeanette.ford@mshp.dps.mo.gov

Application For Training