2019 Courses of Instruction


  • February 11-15, 2019

Prerequisite: Radar operation experience.

Course Description: This program provides the student with the fundamental knowledge base from which to conduct police traffic radar and/or laser operator courses.  Topics include basic concepts of stationary, moving, and same-direction moving radar; general fundamentals of laser operation; practical radar and laser operation; device testing requirements; and legal aspects of radar and laser operation.  This course is designed to meet the requirements of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for radar and laser instruction programs.  Participants should bring a laser and radar unit, if possible, and must have a minimal working knowledge of the instruments.  Upon successful completion of this course, each student will be presented with a Radar/Laser Instructor Certificate.

Who Should Attend::  Peace officers needing or desiring a radar/laser instructor certificate.

Tuition/Registration Fees: Registration fees are due by the first day of class.  If fees are not paid in full prior to completion of class, certificates and continuing education hours will not be issued unless payment is received.


  • $202 - tuition, meals and lodging
  • $132 - tuition and meals
  • $450 - tuition, meals and lodging (federal, private, and non-Missouri agencies)
  • $265 - tuition and meals (federal, private, and non-Missouri agencies)

Continuing Education Hours:

  • 19 hours of Technical Studies
  • 4 hours of Skill Development
  • 2 hours of Legal Studies

Mineral Area College Credit:

  • 1 hour
  • Sergeant Aaron Griffin
  • 573-751-9941.
For questions concerning enrollment:
  • Jeanette Ford
  • 573-751-3626 or jeanette.ford@mshp.dps.mo.gov

Application For Training