Colonel Ron Replogle's Web Vision

Colonel Ron Replogle believes deeply in the Patrol's mission, which is to serve and protect all people by enforcing laws and providing services to ensure a safe and secure environment. However with his appointment and the support of his staff, the methods used to carry out the Patrol's mission will vary.

Colonel Replogle has four agency strategies he intends to focus on for the future of the Patrol. Training within the Patrol will also mirror his strategies:

  • Traffic/Work Zone Environment
  • Homeland Security
  • Crimes Against Persons and Property
  • Deparment Management

Traffic Enforcement - Continue the reduction in Fatalities and Injuries - Aggressive drivers cause accidents and have a negative impact on safe drivers. Drunk drivers kill over 250 peoople each year in Missouri. There is no tolerance for drunk or impaired driving. Seat belt compliance in Missouri increased by 1% this past year. The Patrol will continue the zero tolerance for seat belt violators. Speed enforcement, identifying criminals during traffic stops, and construction zone/work zone enforcement are all important methods to protecting the motoring public and our highway workers. The mere presence of a trooper on our highways has a positive effect on traffic safety and driver awareness.

Homeland Security - Homeland Security requires an understanding and participation in the intelligence gathering and disseminaating process. Continued exercise in preparedness, command level accountability, and statewide situational awareness are a must in today's world. Missouri's 32,000 miles of roadways and bridges are key economic assets, as our state's transportation system is the heartland of our nation's infrastructure. It is the Highway Patrol's responsibility to safeguard this vital system.

Crimes Against Persons and Property - We intend to increase our Division of Drug and Crime Control officer compliment to provide better service in fighting and investigating crime. We will continue to encourage our officers to look beyond the initial traffic stop for other criminal activity. Quality traffic stops result in criminal arrests, and we will continue our cooperative efforts with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to better protect our citizens.

Departmental Management - "I am extremely honored and humbled to be selected by Governor Jay Nixon to lead this great agency. For nearly 79 years, the Missouri State Highway Patrol has served and protected the citizens of Missouri. I pledge this continued commitment during my tenure as superintendent," said Colonel Replogle. "I promise all Patrol employees and Missouri citizens I will work diligently to continue to make this organization an agency that is progressive, accountable, trusted, and respected. The Patrol's budget is primarily from the highway fund, appropriated by the general assembly from a portion of the 17 cents per gallon sales tax on gasoline, driver's license/registration fees, and sales tax on motor vehicles. I pledge to Missourians that the Patrol will show accountability when planning for and spending these precious tax dollars."

The cornerstone of the Patrol's enforcement efforts has always been and will continue to be traffic safety and enforcement. Again, our four strategic issues are: traffic safety, crimes against persons and property, homeland security, and department management. Every Patrol employee contributes to at least one of these strategies during each workday. "I sincerely appreciate the ongoing efforts of all Patrol employees to work in unison to make the Missouri State Highway Patrol the premier state law enforcement agency in the country."