Missouri Law Enforcement Data Exchange (MoDEx)

Since September 11, 2001, law enforcement professionals have seen the need for information sharing to combat terrorism as well as in their jurisdiction.

The Missouri Data Exchange (MoDEx) is a statewide data warehouse developed to provide that service to Missouri law enforcement agencies.

MoDEx interfaces with the National Data Exchange (N-DEx), a nationwide data sharing initiative administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, via secure Internet Connection and may be accessed by the entire Missouri law enforcement community.

MoDEx, utilizes N-DEx, a powerful investigative tool that provides law enforcement agencies with the ability to search, link, analyze and share criminal justice information such as incident/case reports, incarceration data, computer aided dispatch, photos, citations, collisions on a statewide basis to a degree never before possible..

Prior to accessing MoDEx, all users must have an established email account through your agency's law enforcement/government email account or through the secure LEO (Law Enforcement On-Line) network. All MoDEx data is subject to Criminal Justice Information Security policies, and public email accounts (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) are not permissible.

For Questions or Considerations in the Missouri Data Exchange Program:
Call (573) 526-6153 Ex. 2626
or E-Mail: MoDEx@mshp.dps.mo.gov

Missouri State Highway Patrol CJIS Division
Attention: Missouri Data Exchange
Post Office Box 9500
Jefferson City, MO 65102-9500

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