The following brochures are available, some of which can be downloaded in PDF format.
For all others, you will have to contact your local Troop Public Information Officer. All brochures can be copied as needed as long as the Missouri State Highway Patrol is given proper credit and acknowledgement.

Commercial Vehicle

Communications Division

  • A Career in Communications
  • (shp-299) Radio communication is accepted today as one of the most valuable police weapons. Find out about the work performed by members of the Patrol's Communications Division, position requirements, and benefits available.

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division

  • MoVECHS Brochure
  • (shp-983) This brochure gives an overview of the Missouri Volunteer and Employee Criminal History Services (MoVECHS) program. Information includes how and where to apply, requirements to become a qualified entity and the type of background search results an agency can expect.

  • PCR Brochure
  • (shp-134) The Policy Compliance Review (PCR) brochure is intended to give a brief overview of the compliance process for all agencies receiving state and/or federal criminal history record information through the Missouri State Highway Patrol for non-criminal justice purposes. For a more complete description of the PCR process, we have provided a PCR Reference Manual in the Handbooks/Manuals section, also listed under Publications.

Motor Vehicle Inspection

Public Information and Education

Public Information and Education Continued