The Missouri State Highway Patrol's Aircraft Division strives to provide a valuable service to the citizens of Missouri and the law enforcement community. The organizational structure of the Aircraft Division consists of a division director, an assistant director, ten pilots, two aircraft maintenance specialists, and an administrative office support assistant. The pilots are strategically located in various locations throughout the state to ensure adequate statewide coverage. The aircraft fleet consists of four helicopters, eight single-engine Cessnas, and two twin-engine Beechcraft King Airs.

The helicopters, due to their enhanced aerial capabilities, including short haul rescue, provide assistance with searches for wanted and missing persons, surveillance, marijuana eradication, and assessing the damages from natural or man-made disasters. Since the implementation of the FLIR (Forward looking Infra-Red) system in late 2009, the Aircraft Division has conducted numerous aerial searches for wanted individuals as well as missing children and adults.

The single-engine Cessnas are located in six of the nine troops and provide assistance with traffic enforcement, criminal searches, criminal surveillance, and personnel relays.

Both twin-engine King Airs are located in Jefferson City and provides personnel transport for members conducting criminal investigations, for Command Staff officers on administrative functions, and for elected or appointed officials or other qualified state personnel.

The pilots and support personnel, as well as their airport base location, are below:

Aircraft Division Helicopter
Aircraft Division Airplain