Dive Equipment

Dive Team Truck

The Missouri State Highway Patrol Dive Team uses many different types of equipment. Listed below are some of the types of equipment used in the day to day operations.

  • AGA Full Face mask, with snorkel, using the OTS MK-II Bud Communications System
  • Cochran Technology Gemini + Dive Computers
  • Scuba Pro Uwatex Air Z Nitrox hoseless dive computer
  • Sherwood Blizzard regulators with Shadow + spare air
  • Ocean Technology 2010 Communication w/ CDK-6 Surface Units
  • Sea Quest BC's
  • 80 Cubic Scuba Tanks
  • 13 Cubic Pony Tanks
  • Oxygen Pacs
  • Garmin Nuvi GPS units
  • 2 Dive Vans (Ford F350 and Ford F450)
  • 16ft covered Dive Trailer
  • J.W. Fishers Pulse 8-X Underwater Metal Detectors
  • J.W. Fishers TOV-1 underwater camera
  • SeaBotix LBV150L Underwater Remote Operated Camera
  • Marine Sonic Centurion Splash Proof Side Scan Sonars, 900 Khz tow fish, 1200 Khz tow fish and 1800 Khz tow fish
  • Nikonis SB103 Underwater Still Picture Camera
  • Underwater Kinetics 800R Dive Lights
  • Underwater Kinetics SL 8 Dive Lights
  • Underwater Kinetics 1200R Dive Lights
  • Bauer JR. IIG Portable Air Compressors
  • Honda 2.5 Generators
  • Honda 2000W Inverters
  • Gavin Underwater Scooters
  • Carter 2000 Lift Bags

Use of numerous types and styles of boats.