The following brochures are available, some of which can be downloaded in PDF format.
For all others, you will have to contact your local Troop Public Information Officer. All brochures can be copied as needed as long as the Missouri State Highway Patrol is given proper credit and acknowledgement.

Commercial Vehicle

Communications Division

  • A Career in Communications
  • (shp-299) Radio communication is accepted today as one of the most valuable police weapons. Find out about the work performed by members of the Patrol's Communications Division, position requirements, and benefits available.

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division

  • MoVECHS Brochure
  • (shp-983) This brochure gives an overview of the Missouri Volunteer and Employee Criminal History Services (MoVECHS) program. Information includes how and where to apply, requirements to become a qualified entity and the type of background search results an agency can expect.

  • Rap Back Brochure
  • (shp-663) The Missouri Rap Back program provides updated Missouri and national fingerprint-based criminal arrest information for individuals licensed, employed with, or otherwise under the purview of an authorized agency.

Motor Vehicle Inspection

Public Information and Education

  • Alcohol & Boating
  • (shp-44) Information on boating while intoxicated.

  • AMBER Alert Brochure
  • (shp-127) Information about AMBER Alerts and the criteria they must meet.

  • ATVs: Safety Comes First
  • (shp-448) Information about the proper ways to handle ATVs, the laws concerning ATVs, and safety hints are offered in this publication.

  • Blue Alert Brochure
  • (shp-731) Information about Blue Alerts and the criteria they must meet.

  • Bomb Brochure
  • (shp-181) Threats and Searching Techniques.

  • Club Drugs (What You Should Know)
  • (shp-542) A brief description of current club drugs and the harm they can cause.

  • Complaint Procedures
  • (shp-877) This brochure explains your rights and the procedures you can take if you feel an employee of the patrol has mistreated you in any manner.

  • Coping With An Attack
  • (shp-541) This brochure is a guide to dealing with biological, chemical and "Dirty Bomb" attacks.

  • Courage2Report (C2R)
  • This brochure details the Courage2Report (C2R) program.

  • Date Rape Drugs (What You Need To know About...)
  • (shp-261) How to recognize date rape drugs and the effects they have on people.

  • (shp-594) Information on the DEFENSE (Defending Employees From the Effects of Negative Stressful Experiences) program.

  • Distracted Driving
  • (shp-90) Information on distracted driving.

  • Driving Missouri's Four Seasons
  • (shp-725) Missouri has four distinct seasons and every one of those seasons brings new challenges to our drivers. This brochure explains the different driving conditions that can be expected in Missouri throughout the year.

  • DWI Hidden Cost
  • (shp-394) The consequences of a DWI conviction are more than just financial.

  • Emergency Card
  • (shp-319) State Police/Highway Patrol Emergency number to use when traveling.

  • Endangered Person Advisory
  • (shp-717) Information on the Endangered Person Advisory.

  • Endangered Silver Advisory
  • (shp-719) Information on missing or endangered senior adults.

  • Farm Safety
  • (shp-434) Suggestions on how to be safe while operating farm equipment on the state roadways.

  • Filling a V.O.I.D (Victims of Impaired Drivers)
  • (shp-166) If you or a loved one has been the victim of an intoxicated driver, then this brochure offers support and help.

  • Gangs
  • (shp-543) Learn more about gangs, how they are formed, who's in them, and what you can do to help eliminate gangs.

  • If I Could Just Go Back
  • (shp-93) This program is designed to enlist the help of Missouri's teen drivers to assist us in saving lives in our highways.

  • Grief Guide
  • (shp-219) This booklet was created to provide guidance about the grieving process and answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Help Solve Rural Crime
  • (shp-286) Learn more about rural crime in Missouri, the Rural Crimes Investigative Unit (RCIU), and how you can become a RCIU Partner.

  • Highway Patrol Careers-Civilian and Uniformed Civilian Opportunities
  • (shp-836) Learn more about being a part of the Patrol's Civilian and Uniformed Civilian careers. This brochure describes the numerous career paths available within the patrol.

  • How to Ride the School Bus
  • (shp-440) This coloring book reminds children how to ride a school bus safely.

  • Human Trafficking Brochure
  • (shp-545) How to detect and report human trafficking.

  • Human Trafficking It's Real
  • (shp-557) Human Trafficking It's Real and It's Happening in Missouri.

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